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While serving as a chaplain with the Harvard Graduate School Christian Fellowship in the early 1990s, Kelly Monroe Kullberg worked to establish the Veritas Forum. Veritas means "truth," and Kullberg envisioned the Forum as a place for students to raise and explore their hardest questions in relation to the person and worldview of Jesus Christ for whom Harvard College was originally founded. 700 students attended and more came throughout the first weekend. Within the context of an interdisciplinary community, Kelly Kullberg and fellow thinkers sought out true knowledge while asking the tough questions about truth, God, suffering, evil, justice, sexuality and other aspects of contemporary life.

Ms. Kullberg’s vision expanded to campus forums worldwide over the decades and drew on insights of leading Christian scholars in the academic world. At the same time, provocative, “heart-challenging” discussions have provided a route for many non-Christians to come to understand and embrace Christian faith. As Ms. Kullberg describes it in the award-winning book Finding God at Harvard, the Veritas Forum is not a vehicle for abstract questions, but “the very light by which we see all things.”

Collecting her insights and those of others at, Kelly Kullberg presents a collection of short, inspired videos rich in personal testimonies and thought-provoking journeys. In addition to sharing people’s faith paths, she consults on a range of faith-based projects and serves as adjunct fellow with the Acton Institute. Working at the intersection of humanness, theology, and economics, she has informed the project called Christians for a Sustainable Economy.

Kullberg's abiding interest is connecting the roots of biblical wisdom to the fruits of human flourishing.

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